“Do you ever write about anything but Sonic Youth?”

Yes. SY-based material makes up ’round 6% of my total scribbles. Admittedly, it’s received 98% of all the attention.
“Would you ever do a full discography review for your second-favorite band?”
Oh yeah. I can tell you right now I’ll absolutely do that.
“Cool. Look forward to it.”

Yeah, cool.
*remembers who her second-favorite band is*
Ah, shit.
The series title is unchallenging, yet undeniably true; no band has inspired more volumes detailing more inane minutiae than PaulJohnGeorgeRingo. Even people who avowedly loathe the Beatles know more about them than many bands whose music they enjoy, thanks to cultural osmosis. So, no ostentatious preamble. This is a song by song review of every Beatles album, in mono and stereo. For the sake of my sanity and yours, I will not separate each album into reviews of each version. Where the differences are that noticeable, I will make my remarks. Please Please Me is first up, shortly.