Things that I learned reading Girls Like Us:

1. Everybody pretty much slept with everybody, from like 1964 up till 1978.

2. While Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon both gave up the gushy to the inexplicably (despite what the dogged anecdotes try to tell me) magnetic James Taylor, Carole King did not. I had long believed she was one of his conquests, but this pleasant clearing-up of misinformation means that Carole King–when one takes into account her work with Gerry Goffin, her early solo work, the fact that she, oh yeah, was a massive influence on the Lennon-McCartney songwriting team, and her refusal to spread ’em for the aforementioned sad-eyed, horse-riding troubador whose most tolerable song he stole from her anyway–is the greatest of all these women.

3. Yes, Joni has the greatest single album of all ’em (Ladies of the Canyon; I put Blue right behind it) but external factors must always be, uh, factored in. Not only did she shtup Sweet Baby, she also for a time dated Jackson Browne. My God. Consider Roberta Anderson knocked down a notch to number four on my list of Jenn’s Top 5 Canadians Ever. I don’t care if she diddled with Leonard Cohen. It was only for two weeks, that hardly erases the horrible sin of letting Jackson Browne even get past second base.

4. Women, and our unique triumphs and struggles, will never actually be taken seriously.