So I’ve been in the hospital dealing with some shit that needed to be dealt with, and the New Wave discog has been delayed.  It will finish this weekend, I promise.  Till then I wanted to use this space to share some of the fragments and segments I scribbled during my time away.

Little squeaking leads to nowhere
Walls were made to test our buoyancy
Louder than the wailing blue
Deeper still, some still scared to search
Dry dreamers
Little squeaking softly crying
Strength in numbness
It is vital to snap apart, diverge gently
The sky will always be my weakness

To pass the day–treatise on elevators
Later, deed signatures forged for food
Upon reveal to the world within the world within
That tempts a wrinkle over such nonsense
The street I live on will be renamed in my honor
It goes both ways
Go green, and make my dreams come true
Come green, make my dreams multiply
Buzz my heart till I can’t say no anymore


This piece is entitled “Pen Again,” a pithier version of my expressed desire to one day hold a pen again.  See, they don’t trust folks like me in places like this with pens, so we have to make do with 1/2 pencils.  Luckily, it’s the half that has the fuckin’ lead point at one end.

So, just a sampling.  The best work I did was the title piece of my forthcoming poetry book. Lyrics For Monster Movie Music, which I got out in one sitting with one session of revisions later in the day.